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Monetisation Policy

  1. Know Your Treatment (KYT) app gives you “KYT points” to upload, maintain and share your health records. These actions are predefined, but may change from time to time. Each KYT point can be converted into 1 INR and can be redeemed in the form of Paytm cash.
  2. You can see your KYT points details in your KYT wallet.
  3. This redemption can be done for the first time when the wallet reaches 50 KYT points and thereafter redemption is only after 200 KYT points and so on.
  4. User can receive 5 KYT points each for the following steps:
    1. Login into the app
    2. Uploading your Aadhar card to establish Indian nationality
    3. Uploading your PAN Card to verify your account
    4. Uploading your health insurance card, to keep it handy in time of need
  5. KYT is in the process of enabling monetisation for all your medical data (dated 1st Jan’ 2019 onwards), and to begin with, we shall be providing 5 KYT points each for the following documents:
    1. Valid prescription
    2. Genetic tests
    3. Clinical/Doctor’s notes
    4. Laboratory tests
    5. Medical expenses
    6. Radiology and imaging report
    7. Insurance claims data
    8. Hospital discharge papers
  6. Monetisation will only be given for MACHINE READABLE documents only i.e. which can be processed by computer or by our OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software
  7. Your profile name and credentials should match with the name mentioned on the uploaded health report to get successful monetisation.
  8. Valid prescription criteria is as below:
    1. Patient name should be mentioned clearly
    2. Doctor’s full name, address, qualification, registration number and prescription date should be visible
    3. Medication name should be in capitals
    4. Signature of doctor
  9. Once a prescription or report is uploaded, it will be submitted for our review. Post validation, as per the monetisation policy, KYT points will be credited to your wallet.
  10. Reason for non-monetisation can be as follows:
    1. Non machine readable format
    2. Not an approved format of report
    3. Out of scope of current monetisation policy
    4. Profile not matching with report
    5. Report already monetised
  11. Colour coding you should know: (see figure on right)
    1. Amber colour – Report verification pending
    2. Green colour – Monetisation done
    3. Red colour – Monetisation not possible
  12. Typical review time for report will be between 1-2 working days
  13. KYT reserves the right to reject any prescription which are not legible, do not have adequate data/information as previously mentioned and are not machine readable
  14. Rejection implies, you will not receive any KYT points for the same. This prescription will still continue to remain in your records folder and timeline and will be available for exporting or sharing.
  15. You can earn more KYT by referring the app to your friends and peers. On each successful download of KYT app, you are entitled to get 5 KYT points.
  16. PAN card upload and account verification is mandatory to receive the redemption.
  17. The KYT points redemption, will be given as Paytm cash and hence it needs the user to have an active Paytm account.
  18. KYT uses your data, removes all identifying information and gives it to research agencies for a fee, and this fee is passed on to you. This implies that you may get repeated points for the same medical information if it is reused.
  19. KYT is a product designed to provide value for the medical information you generate and will continually provide service of maintaining your medical data. If you wish to opt out of the monetisation you just need to disable the sharing settings within your KYT profile page. This disabling will make your data non-sharable and hence you will not receive any KYT points for new uploads. Disabling the sharing option just changes the monetisation status, you can still use the app for all data maintenance purpose.
  20. Any issues regarding monetisation/redemption please feel free to email us at [email protected]